The major objective 


  • To carry out the pre and detailed feasibility study of rural infrastructure (Road, Motorable bridge, suspension bridge, trail, drinking water supply, irrigation systems, buildings etc.) including construction supervision and implementation.
  • To Prepare DTMP, master plan, district profile and inventory reports and investigations.
  • To conduct users survey, base line study, capacity building trainings, interaction meetings, seminar, technical talk, workshop, impact study and social studies.
  • To carry out pre and detailed feasibility study, detailed survey, design & cost estimation, supply, installation and supervision on the alternative energy (renewable sources of energy such as micro/mini hydro-electricity, solar, biogas, and wind energy), Alternative Transportation (local ropeway technology, gravity ropeway, mechanized bridge, river crossing technology (Tuin, Ghirling etc) and Infrastructure Technology and other resources and supporting on their appropriate management, modernization and expansion.
  • Bringing the local manpower to the mainstream of all round development of the country by providing the awareness to the local human resources for the appropriate technology management and development of renewable energy in the rural areas.
  • Making research & investigation of local ropeway technology (Mechanized Bridge, Gravity Ropeway, and Nepali Cable Car), river crossing technology (Multi Span Tuin, Ghirling etc.), study in developing efficient hybrid turbine (micro-francis turbine), water pumping for water supply and irrigation utilizing locally generated electricity.
  • Implementation and management of renewable energy resources and benefiting all stakeholders by providing consulting services with quality output within scheduled time.
  • Civil works construction and supervision of innovative works such as modified river crossing technology, efficient gravity ropeway, micro/mini hydropower projects, with the best engineering practices and quality/ standards.
  • Supply and installation of electromechanical equipments of Micro/Mini Hydro Power Projects including transmission & distribution accessories.

General Objective

  • Identifying the society with the modern technology improving the traditional local technology.
  • Research, investigation, and identification of the possible means and resources found in the local level.
  • Supporting on the rural infrastructure technology development basically alternative energy and alternative transportation with the optimum utilization of the local manpower, making the research, investigation, and identification of the possible means and resources found in the local level. 
  • To bring a unique perspective and understanding to the issues faced by the development of solutions sensitive to the need for appropriate technologies and methods in relation with cultural, economic, environmental and geophysical realities of each region of our country.




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